Hey all! For those of you who don’t know this is the story of my girlfriend, Kestra, and I, Jacob, and how we grew closer to God, became a couple, saw the world, and started sharing our experiences with others.

Kestra and I met our freshman year at Iowa State University. I was head over heels the second I saw her, she apparently did not feel the same! So over the next few years our friendship grew over talks about God, shared dreams about traveling, a few basketball games, and stories from our past. Eventually I like to think my rugged good looks and charm won Kestra over and we started dating our junior year. During our junior year dreaming about traveling became more of a reality as we stared talking about a trip to Iceland. The talks turned into sporadic planning and then all of the sudden we were buying tickets!

Now that we were committed Kestra and I devoted hours to planning the perfect trip around the ring road. We found accommodations, excursions, whales in the West-fjords, secret geothermal pools in the mountains, and even the best ice cream in Reykjavik! Upon returning we realized how blessed we’d been to go, but also how phenomenal the trip and planning it had been. We came to understand this was something we wanted to help others with. God has given us to a chance to experience all the earth has to offer and with a little help planning from The Agape Co. you can too!

We realize now, that while traveling the earth together may be our first love, helping others to see God and his creation is what we want to do. We know that most of the stress in the vacation is upfront planning it, so at The Agape Co. you give us a Traveler Type, destination, and budget, and we give you the vacation you’ve been dreaming of. We hope this helps to explain ourselves a little better and encourages you to book your next vacation with some help from us! Stay tuned for our travel blogs and some more amazing shots!

God Bless