agape [ah-gah-pey]: the love of God for humankind


The Agape Co. started as an idea between ourselves to travel the world together and share with all what we had seen. We’d learned that one of the best ways to share the world, and spread the good news, was to show love to others that is so infectious people would know we are God’s children. John 13:35 sums the idea up best, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

We’ve both been very fortunate to have seen much of the world at a young age so traveling was something we both enjoyed. Traveling together seemed to be the next step in our walk together and with God. Logically, off to Iceland we went! Everything was incredible and we even managed to keep to our budget.  We realized that planning trips was something we enjoyed and wished others would have the same experiences on vacations that we had. This hope to share is what drove our desire to begin creating plans for others.

At The Agape Co. we create custom vacation plans for all types of travelers. By not pairing with any excursion or travel companies, we have enabled ourselves to provide the best experiences to our customers, often ones we have tried ourselves! Our goal is to give you the best vacation possible, anywhere in the world, within any budget. As two college students you can imagine we know where to find the deals! We value our relationship with customers and hope to create a partnership that allows us to be actively involved in the planning of all their vacations.

Through seeing God’s creation and experiencing it together, we’ve grown closer and found a new appreciation for His kingdom. We hope you will allow us to help you do the same. God Bless!