Traveler Types

At The Agape Co. we create custom vacations for every type of traveler, anywhere in the world, within any budget. To start: choose from one of our five traveler types below, a destination, a budget, and contact us today! 

The Minimalist: All this globetrotter needs is a backpack, a spare set of clothes, their camera, and a good set of hiking boots. This is perfect for travelers who love staying on the move and really seeing the whole area.

The Adventurer: This traveler may be found flying down zip-lines, learning to surf, or scrambling down cliff-sides. Perfect for those who enjoy having a “home base” to return to every night when they travel and a new adventure waiting every morning.

The History Buff: Often found with a book in hand, this sightseer can usually be found in the local museums or perusing monuments and markers. This is perfect for those who love to learn and live comfortably while on vacation.

The Culture Revolutionary: This explorer is mostly spotted trying new foods, walking the local markets and dancing the night away. Perfect for the ones who enjoy sleeping in a little later and staying out a little longer.

The Relax and Unwind: These vacationers are usually found alongside the pool, in the cafe, or lying low on the cruise ship. Perfect for those who take relaxation very seriously and enjoy a more flexible schedule.

The Agape Co. knows not every traveler fits the same profile, so feel free to tell us more about what you enjoy so that we can better plan your vacation for you! We look forward to hearing from you!